Bead Hunt Gone Bad

Today was a little disappointing. I attempted to locate a number of beads stores that I had found online and it turned out to be a fruitless, tiring task to say the least. Orchard Rd was my first stop and when I arrived not a bead shop in sight, instead the super high end Ion Orchard Mall stood like an architectural behemoth above me and a number of other Orchard named malls followed along the road. Every designer I could think of was present or on the way as flagship stores were in the process of being created. It had to be the highest concentration of luxury brands I’d ever seen! There was high end fashion at every turn and I just wanted to find a bead shop among this collection of fashion giants.
After over an hour of wandering around staring at my Googlemaps I managed to track down one store in the basement of one of the various Orchard malls. However, on the mall directory board it said that Beads Etc was “coming soon”. I was about ready to kill someone!! 😠 I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept it, I had come so far I had to see for myself, so I found my way down to the basement (not as easy as it sounds in Singapore where malls are like vast never ending mazes) and there it was. I couldn’t quite believe it, but it was there.
Given all the effort I’d made to find it, Beads Etc didn’t really have anything to excite me. maybe my expectations were just too high. They had a lot of tools, cords and threads with smaller beads all colourful and shiny and a few rows of quite expensive semi precious stones. But left without making a purchase. The second shop I managed to find was Purple Beads. Tucked away in the back of the 3rd floor of another Orchard Rd mall this should have been called a bead closet not a shop. Looking through the window there were 2 people and a lot of tiny beads and I already felt claustrophobic.
Disappointed, again I quit the Orchard Rd area and headed to Chinatown and the popular People’s Park Complex where there were apparently more bead shops to be found. I failed to find them 😦 The People’s park Complex is a crazy multistory maze of shops (and apparently residential homes on the higher floors). I was yelled at from all directions by people who wanted me to have manicures, pedicures, Upper lip waxes, eyebrow tattooing, massages and all I really wanted was to sit down with an iced tea and a piece of cake. After no luck inside and feeling the need to escape, I quit the bead hunt and wandered outside to take in the streets of Chinatown before heading back exhausted and beadless.
Until next time!


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