Nails and Hawkers

For my first solo outing I headed to Bugis Street in search of a much needed manicure and pedicure. My research told me that this was the place to find a plethora of nail bars that could take care of my chipped toes without he hefty price tag of my hotel spa and after my nails were done I could wander around to the famous undercover street market. Pampering and shopping in one place, sounded great to me!
The Bugis Street market is a vast maze of very tightly packed stalls. Previously the area was a famous for transvestites, prostitution, gambling, boozing and any other sleazy, sinful activity. But today it’s mostly tourist souvenirs, mobile phone accessories, clothes, fashion and hair accessories, food and other random merchandise. In a nod to it’s past life you can still find a sex shop tucked in there.
I hit the jackpot on level 3 of the market (yes this is a multi story insane place), which is basically dedicated to nails. Luckily I didn’t have to go through the potentially hellish task of choosing a nail bar. On the first corner was Lily Nails a name that had come up during my research, so I took a seat and they got to work. I won’t go into a detailed review of the salon, it does what it says on the tin, no frills and for a reasonable price. They must be doing something right too because they were bursting at the seams whilst other places were empty.
The market was fun to wander around but there wasn’t really anything to my taste to buy, I prefer little vintage stalls and handmade jewellery, it was still a great experience and a recommended pit stop for visitors.
Later that evening I was excited to discover hawker food. For those not in the know about this food markets/centres or hawker stalls are basically locals selling local food at fantastic prices and its delicious and super cheap. Sold? I thought so!
I got a rather large plate of chicken katsu curry for S$6 that’s £3 to my fellow Londoners -what a bargain! Singapore isn’t the cheapest city in the world but Hawker food more than makes up for it – I’ll be going hawker from now on! 😉
Until next time!


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