Back to Jewellery Making

I finally found time to think about jewellery making again. I got out a load of beads, had a play around, made a huge mess and whilst I don’t have a huge amount to show for it, I had a great time and was glad I finally got to grips with some beads and tools again 🙂

20160329_212759  20160331_164128Been pondering over what to do with these abalone shell beads for ages. They are not my usual bead choice so I’m thinking of toughening them up with some chunky chain and these white howlite beads, hmmm!

I also managed to finally photograph and list this piece…(you can see more and purchase here)

20160507_123621 Made with brown wood and green acrylic biccone beads, round dalmatian jasper beads, black agate beads, yellow jade tube beads and gold metal spacer beads.

I finished it a while back but never found the time to get organised with it. I really wanted this piece to look like the beads were randomly thrown together and avoid a repetitive pattern, but it was actually the complete opposite and I spent ages trying to decide which bead was going to go where and whilst it’s not exactly a set pattern its definitely not random! I must admit that I’m a complete symmetry obsessed freak, which is becoming even more apparent with every new bag or piece of jewellery I create. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to making a non-symmetrial, totally random creation sometime soon.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

Until next time!






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