Stunning Sintra

So I planned to post pics from Portugal last week but didn’t plan on being in a WIFI black hole. We tried in vain to get connected for the first couple of days then eventually we accepted the situation and enjoyed just being totally disconnected for a couple of days. No Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp was kinda nice. We focused on actually having a good time, rather than posting about having a good time.

So here’s a quick rundown of our trip; after landing in Lisbon on Friday afternoon we made a quick dash to Pasteis de Belem to pick up our beloved Nata (delicious Portuguese custard tart, if you haven’t tried them then do it asap) then headed out to our guesthouse, the Casa Dominicana, in the stunning town of Sintra. Just enough time to meet our wonderful hosts, get settled and make a quick change then we were off for the pre-wedding drinks at the beyond gorgeous Tivoli Palacio de Seteais.

Saturday was wedding day and with a 5pm kick off we were able to wander the town on Sintra a visit the incredible muti coloured Disney-looking Pena Palace which sits high up on the hill overlooking the town. After a whirlwind tour we headed back to the Casa to change into our wedding outfits and made our way back to the Tivoli for the wedding. A beautiful ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing till 5am followed. Definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve attended.

On Sunday when we finally rolled out of bed and were greeted by a lovely breakfast from our hosts, we headed back to the Tivoli for a post wedding pool party for an opportunity to say one last goodbye to the happy couple and the other guests. After  a couple hours lounging by the pool we went to visit the nearby Quinta Da Regaleira, a stunning gothic style historical estate and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to, among other things, a 27m deep masonic initiation well. I had seen pictures of it and was fascinated to see it in real life and it didn’t disappoint. We spent some time exploring the wells and series of connecting caves before we waved goodbye to Sintra and headed down south the the Algarve for a couple of days by the beach (there will be some pics from this in another post).

Sintra is a place like no other and we thank our newly married friends for introducing us to its charms. If you ever get the chance to visit (it’s only 30 mins drive from Lisbon) then don’t pass it up.

Until next time!



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